Scottish Agritourism is the official body for the agritourism sector in Scotland. Providing leadership and a strong voice to represent and grow the sector.

We are more than a lobbying organisation.

  • We bring together a strong and dynamic network of entrepreneurial farmers and rural businesses together in a Business Club and offer a trusted peer-to-peer bank of knowledge and support.  You can access instant support on a daily basis from people who are running real businesses.
  • We are leading with Visit Scotland on work to measure the economic impact of the agritourism sector, to measure future growth and to support the development of a pipeline of agritourism businesses.
  • As a member your business will benefit from having your business marketed using the Go Rural brand, taking part in campaigns with Visit Scotland’s support and being listed on

We are a close-knit network of quality agritourism and quality rural businesses scattered throughout all parts of the Scottish countryside who offer locals and visitors alike high quality and memorable experiences.

Throughout the year we host events, bringing our members together for a chance to discuss the big issues, new innovations, and opportunities to grow Scottish Agritourism.